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Gary DeMar Still in the Dark: A followup on Gary's Very Misguided Defense of Sola Scriptura

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

In late August, Mark Bonocore was invited to be a guest on Stu Epperson’s Evangelical Protestant radio show, TruthTalk Live.  The topic of the show was to be why Evangelical scholars seem to use of the writings of the Church fathers inconsistently.   As anyone interested in Christian media is well aware, over the past year, a score of Evangelical writers and speakers have appealed to the testimonies of the early Church fathers to counter the ridiculous historical distortions presented in Dan Brown’s infamous book/movie, The DaVinci Code. Well, to make a long story short, Mark’s opponent, Gary DeMar, demonstrated the same old tired defenses of sola scriptura and objections to Catholic oral tradition. In this two part rebuttal, Mark tries to keep Gary DeMar’s boat from floating away into obscurity.

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